Karo Maladzharyan

Karo Maladzharyan

KARO MALADZHARYAN, Hearing Representative, is a dedicated Lien Specialist with extensive training and experience in lien resolution and settlement negotiations. With an in-depth review of cases and liens, he aggressively handles litigation and negotiates resolution prior to hearings and in collaboration with the attorneys. His strong communication skills and timely responses with third-party administrators, insurance companies and self-insured entities ensures the most prompt and reasonable dispositions of liens, either by settlement or adjudication. He has appeared before all Workers’ Compensation Boards throughout California and attended Lien Conferences and Trials.

Workers Compensation in Los Angeles California

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Our Southern California offices handle claims throughout the Southland, from San Diego to Bakersfield. Our office also covers Northern California venues as well. The firm has extensive litigation experience in all Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout California.

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